Argyle Needs You

Meet Argyle

Argyle was found when he dragged himself onto a kind person’s porch asking for help. He was taken to a stray hold where he sat for 72 hours. It was thought he was a rear-paralyzed cat and likely incontinent and he was facing euthanasia. However, we soon found out this was not the case. Argyle was likely struck by a car. He was clearly once a pet, but was not neutered and was struggling to survive outdoors. Sadly this is the fate of many cats, discarded when they are no longer kittens, or lost outdoors once they reach sexual maturity. After confirming that he had a fractured pelvis, he had a consult at UW Veterinary Care with an orthopedic specialist. During this appointment it was found that he also had a traumatic diaphragmatic hernia, which is basically a tear in the muscle of his diaphragm allowing his organs to shift position. His vet team felt he was a solid candidate for surgery. Last week they hospitalized him to prepare for surgery. Argyle received a life-saving surgery to repair the hole in his diaphragm and to move his organs back into proper position. He is recovering from this first surgery and doing well! Once he recovers more fully, he will receive an orthopedic surgery to fix his femoral head fracture and pin the pelvic fracture on the opposing side in order to give back function to both rear legs. He is currently able to walk, but not normally. This series of surgeries will give him the best chance at a normal life. Argyle is a happy and precious cat who wants to live! His initial vet team felt euthanasia was a consideration for financial reasons, but not for quality of life purposes – he can recover with medical intervention and that is where we’re able to step in and make sure he gets the care he needs and deserves. You make this possible. Argyle is on excellent pain medications and clearly appreciative to be loved and fed. Anyone who works with us knows that we love to help the hard cases and we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for helping us give special needs pets the best chance at life!
How You Can Help: Donate: Your generous contributions can directly support the medical care and procedures Ron and Granada need. Every dollar brings them closer to health and happiness. To make a donation you can follow the link below, donate via PayPal here:

Or mail a check to: Lil BUB’s Big FUND
1021 S Walnut Street
Bloomington, IN, 47401 Spread the Word: Share Argyle’s story with your network. The more people who know, the larger our community of support grows. Volunteer: Your time and skills can make a significant impact on the lives of pets awaiting their forever homes. Join your local shelter or rescue in a way that works for you. In the spirit of Lil BUB, we believe in miracles and the power of collective action to enact change. Sweet Argyle represents the countless pets who, with a little help, can overcome their struggles and live the joyful, loving lives they deserve. Thank you for considering a contribution to their care. Together, we can pave their way to recovery and joy, one paw at a time. With deepest gratitude, Stacy and the Lil BUB Family


In honor of our friend Steve, who passed away unexpectedly last week, we’d like to share one of our favorite Lil BUB’s Big Show episodes that features him:

We will miss you forever, Steve. 🌈