CATastrophe, the amazing new cat-themed board game that features BUB as a playable character is finally available for preorder on Kickstarter, HERE.

Joshua and Abi, the game’s creators, have been working tirelessly on this for over three years, and it really shows. BUB and I had agreed to help them with the game back in 2018, and even had them over at our house to play an early prototype version. And since BUB’s passing in 2019, Joshua and Abi lovingly decided to honor BUB as a playable character (the only real cat you can play as), and also included her as three different “Power Cat Cards”. Not only that, but they have also agreed to make a generous personal contribution to Lil BUB’s Big FUND for Special Needs Pets if their Kickstarter gets funded.


Even if you aren’t interested board games, you can still support their Kickstarter and receive this bundle of three exclusive 11″ x 17″ BUB posters featuring the original artwork from the game. To get just the posters, you can just select the $34 pledge level, and then select the BUB Bundle when checking out.

And if you are interested in BOTH the game and the posters, you can select $70 pledge level to preorder the board game and the poster set.

There are lots of other cool pledge levels and rewards as well, so be sure to see what they have to offer!


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