Sebastian, Journey, and Fluke Wheezy

Special Needs Spotlight – Sebastian, Journey, and Fluke Wheezy

Dear Friends, We’re reaching out with some heartfelt stories from our community at Lil BUB’s Big Fund, highlighting the ongoing struggles of three special felines: Sebastian, Journey, and Fluke Wheezy. Your support through sharing their stories and following our mission plays a vital role in our efforts. Sebastian’s Fight for Recovery Last June, Sebastian was found with a harness so deeply embedded that it covered half his chest and armpit. Despite numerous treatments—from steroids to laser therapy—his wounds repeatedly reopen, leading to infections. Recently, our vet recommended amputation as a necessary step to remove necrotic tissue and help him finally heal. This surgery is complex and finding a vet willing to undertake it has been challenging. Journey’s Battle Against Multiple Conditions Journey, abandoned at an apartment complex, has faced a rough path. Initially struggling with an autoimmune disease affecting her GI tract and ears, she was briefly stable on steroids until diagnosed with diabetes, which meant stopping the steroids that kept her comfortable. Now, we are trying a non-steroid treatment hoping it can manage her symptoms without worsening her diabetes. Time is critical for her. Fluke Wheezy’s Long Road to Recovery Fluke Wheezy was rescued from a riverside, battling a rare lung parasite from ingesting crayfish or crab. After extensive treatments, including oxygen therapy and antiparasitics, her condition is stabilizing, but her care costs have reached about $3,500, and her lungs still need time to heal fully.
How You Can Help:

Donate: every dollar truly counts, and please know, we know that a monetary donation may not be in reach for everyone and we’re just glad you’re here. You are a part of our community and together we’re helping change the narrative and landscape for all special needs pets. If you are able to donate you can do so via PayPal by clicking the button below:

If you are able to donate you can do so via PayPal by clicking the button below:

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Share Our Work: Every repost, every conversation started, helps us find more support and camaraderie in our community, uniting us in our goal to ensure no special needs pet goes uncared for.

Spread The Word: Share Ron and Granada’s stories with your network. The more people who know, the larger our community of support grows.

Volunteer: Your time and skills can make a significant impact on the lives of pets awaiting their forever homes. Join your local shelter or rescue in a way that works for you.

In the spirit of Lil BUB, we believe in miracles and the power of collective action to enact change. Sweet Ron and Little Granada represent the countless pets who, with a little help, can overcome their struggles and live the joyful, loving lives they deserve.

Thank you for considering a contribution to their care. Together, we can pave their way to recovery and joy, one paw at a time.

With deepest gratitude,

Stacy and the Lil BUB Family