Meet Boxcar Charlie and Serrano

Today, we’re fundraising for two special cats who are in the care of a trusted rescue we work closely with.

Serrano and Boxcar Charlie are two feral cats who were both injured and struggling but are now getting a renewed chance at life. After being tracked and trapped, both cats needed amputations due to various injuries sustained during their time outside. 

They will both continue to need rehabilitation and extra care as they recover. Most importantly, they are learning to trust their human caretakers and in time, with extra love, support, and socialization they’ll both be available for adoption to a loving home. 

Let’s help get them there! Let’s give them the lives they deserve. Just follow the link below to support this work and keep reading for a sweet success story all thanks to you!

I wanted to share a success story with you and this one illustrates beautifully the impact you have on not only special needs pets, but the folks who love and care for them.This success story comes from our ongoing partnership with CARE, a trusted and quite incredible human-animal welfare group who we support ongoing:

Bones, a beautiful 4 year old pitbull, is a deeply loved family member of a resident of Little Earth of United Tribes in Minneapolis. Her sweet Bones was sick and needed to see a vet immediately. She reached out to a friend in the community to ask if there were any resources to assist with vet care and her friend contacted CARE’s Marilou Chanrasmi. 

CARE’s trusted vet partner, Vet Partners Edina, knew Bones needed to be seen ASAP and re-arranged their schedule to ensure Bones was seen the next day. A variety of tests were run and it was determined that Bones has cystine bladder stones that could have led to life-threatening urinary obstruction. Bones is now on a prescription diet which will hopefully dissolve the stones. And if not, he will most likely need surgery. Thanks to Vet Partners Edina and to our donors who fund CARE’s Direct Care fund we were able to provide Bones with the much needed care. In the words of Bones’ guardian, “thank you so much for helping my 4 legged grandson – he is just as important as the rest of my grandbabies.”

Photos shared with permission of Bones’ grandmom when she arrived at the Vet Partners in Edina and a photo of the vet tech at the clinic loving Bones’ up. 

Sharing our work is just as helpful as donating; we couldn’t do this life-changing work without you. We appreciate you and our success is thanks to your support.

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