Meet Cucumber!

Cucumber is a sweet special needs cat who needed some extra help. He’s made it through surgery and here’s what his foster had to say about him:

“Cucumber is a pure sunshine kitty. He brings light and love to all our interactions. His unadulterated love shows that you are his world and nothing else matters. He wholeheartedly trusts us and makes us feel that responsibility for him that much more. We want his light to shine.

Cucumber’s determination to hug my neck even as I change his surgery suits is incomparable. I keep thinking he will run, but he doesn’t because he wants to rub my face and connect with me.

You know that feeling of light and warmth you feel when you first come home and are greeted by loved ones, or a warm and softly lit home? Both he and I feel the exact same way whenever we make eye contact.

His eye contact shows you have an instant friend. He just emanates warmth and love.

Cucumber is the embodiment of love. He purrs instantly whenever anyone touches him. He loves love!”

About Cucumber’s surgery:

Cucumber had a peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia (PPDH) – a congenital condition where the diaphragm has a hole that connects up to the pericardial sac around the heart. This communication between the abdomen and the chest allows organs to slip up through the hole which had resulted in his liver ending up next to his heart, between his lungs. It required surgical repair to put everything back where it belongs and close up the hole in the diaphragm. On his x-rays it looks like he has an enlarged heart, but it’s actually the liver and the heart squeezed in next to each other in his chest.

We first discovered his condition on an x-ray when checking him and his siblings out for pneumonia. His surgery was delayed because he was then recovering from both pneumonia and ringworm, so it’s been a journey.

Cucumber is recovering well in his foster home while he awaits his forever home.

The cost of care for Cucumber’s surgery was $5000; every contribution truly makes a difference and eases the financial strain on our rescue partner while also giving Cucumber a new lease on life.

Thank you, for making this possible. We know special needs pets have value and they deserve access to the care they need to thrive.

How You Can Help: If you’d like to contribute to Cucumber, and pets just like him, you can donate via PayPal here:

Or mail a check to:

Lil BUB’s Big FUND1021 S Walnut StreetBloomington, IN, 47401

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If you’re able to, consider reaching out to your local shelter or rescue as for many areas, kitten season is underway.

Here’s our episode for Lil BUB’s Lil Show that covered kitten season last year.

Thank you, endlessly, you make an impact and help change lives, both human and animal, for the better.

In gratitude,

Stacy and the Lil BUB Family

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