zero tolerance for cruelty

All pets deserve a chance; help end animal cruelty today. Cupid’s story reminds us of some of the hard realities facing companion animals today. Together we can change this narrative and give animals the lives they deserve. We’re stronger together.

On Tuesday, January 24th Perkiomen Animal Hospital got a call from a concerned neighbor that reported a cat in her backyard with an arrow piercing through his back. They contacted Stray Cat Blues to see if they could help. After seeing the pictures of this injured cat they knew they could not rest until he was found and immediately started searching. Many hours were spent searching in the woods, handing out fliers to the neighbors and setting traps at multiple sites. Cupid had traveled over a mile and was finally caught on January 31st after 8 days of searching. No animal should ever endure suffering like this.

After receiving emergency care, Cupid now has great prognosis, but he will still need substantial medical care as he recovers.

Help Cupid and special needs pets just like him.

Today, we’re raising funds for Stray Cat Blues who are caring for Cupid and many other special needs cats like Phineas, who you can meet if you keep reading. If you’re able to, please donate by clicking the button below. We’re endlessly thankful to have you be a part of our success. Your generosity truly impacts pets nationwide and the folks who care them. On this Valentine’s Day, we’re most thankful for you. In endless gratitude, Stacy and the Lil BUB Family

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