In the spirit of BUB, I do have plans to make some amazing stuff with Marbles’ amazing face on it. To be honest, I never expected to do this with another cat again. When we got Lil Pillow a lot of people asked if we would make shirts and stuff with her, but it just didn’t feel right. I could tell that she wasn’t interested. But Marbles is different, and as soon as he came into my life I suddenly felt an inspiration that I didn’t realize was missing in my life. For the first time in years I was excited to dust off my camera and start taking photos, come up with video ideas, think of fun merchandise, and just share his magic with the world.

So please stay tuned for some Marbles and BUB + Marbles themed merchandise as early as a few weeks and just in time for Valentine’s Day – the perfect opportunity to fall in love with Marbles!


Mister Marbles is undeniably a magical space cat, and was unquestionably sent here by BUB. The moment I picked him up from the Bloomington Animal Shelter and placed him in my lap, I was filled with an overwhelming and all-encompassing joy that I hadn’t felt since the moment I first met BUB 11 years ago. I knew right then and there that he was charged with that same otherworldly magic and the power of positivity and pure wonder that only magical space cats can possess, and I literally cried tears of joy. We weren’t looking for another cat, but when two separate friends from our shelter bombarded us with photos of Mister Marbles (aptly named “Bubba” at the time), we couldn’t resist the chance to meet him in person. Needless to say, it was love at first sight, and we signed the papers that day. It was the day before we left for the holiday, so he would stay with our friends until we returned. On January 2nd, Mister Marbles stepped into our home as if he’d lived here for years, I guess BUB must have told him all about it. He has a confidence unlike any other cat I’ve seen (other than BUB), and it was fascinating to see him walk right up to our dog Gucci, who has never had another animal friend in his life. Within a few hours, they were best buds. While Marbles doesn’t mind Pillow and Spooky at all, they’re still adjusting to him being in the house but it’s actually going quite well. While they aren’t grooming each other yet, they are happily co-existing. As you can see, Marbles is no ordinary cat. With his flat, or more accurately, concave face, he may be the result of unethical Exotic Shorthair breeding practices. But that doesn’t phase him at all – he definitely owns it and is proud of his unique looks. He has an exquisite snaggletooth, big blue bulging eyeballs, a head shaped like a donut, a tiny 5-pound body, enormous paws, and a double-wide half-length tail that probably belonged to a raccoon in a previous life. Despite his unusual appearance, Dr Woodruff has determined that he is a perfectly healthy cat. His only special need at the moment involves mixing his pate with water to make “BUB Soup”, because he can’t quite get regular food into his recessed mouth. He also demands lots and lots of love. But what is most special about Mister Marbles is his huge and infinitely powerful heart which radiates love that is quite literally addicting. Our entire family is addicted to Mister Marbles! He is one of the sweetest and most social cats I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He follows us around the house, he jumps in our bed and snuggles us equally without playing favorites, and he already knows his name and comes when we call him. Our kids can’t wait to come home to see him after school and even our dog Gucci can’t keep away. Our home is revitalized with his presence, and we couldn’t be happier. Well, Spooky could be happier – but I can tell that love and acceptance are only a few days away. He can’t resist the Magic of Mister Marbles. No one can.


I know that BUB sent Marbles to help keep the message and momentum going with Lil BUB’s Big FUND. We were already working on educational and outreach programming with plans on developing anti-bullying and animal welfare presentations for schools and as online resources for teachers and parents and are excited to get Marbles involved with the programming. We also plan to get Marbles certified as a therapy animal to visit nursing homes and sick children.

What’s truly amazing is that like BUB, Marbles enjoys traveling and meeting new people, which is such an unusual trait in a cat I can already tell just by bringing him to the studio with me (like I did with BUB) that he loves to explore and be in new places. He’s perfectly happy in the car and makes himself at home no matter where he is. It’s quite remarkable really, and I can’t help but suspect that there’s a little part of BUB inside of Marbles, or that she’s guiding him on his path.

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