Meet Pumpkin!

Meet Pumpkin!

Who could resist that sweet face? Pumpkin is a special cat who was found abandoned and in rough shape. He is blind, mostly deaf, and has an idiopathic vestibular or neurological disorder where he sometimes gets into a circling pattern.

Pumpkin has already been treated for a skin infection, ear infection, and upper respiratory infection but he now needs a bilateral enucleation (to stitch his eyes shut) and a few dental procedures so he’s able to eat comfortably.

He is the sweetest boy and loves cuddles and other kitties. We know Pumpkin deserves his best chance at life. Thanks to patience and loving care, he is already starting to thrive and we want to see him find his forever home.

Donations today will support Pumpkin’s care as well as pets just like him, who’ve had a rough beginning but are on their way to healing. As always, we truly couldn’t do this work without you.

Thank you for making our success possible,

In Gratitude,
Stacy & the Lil BUB Family

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