BUB is asking for help from space for her feline friend Khaleesi (the Mother of Dragons!) You can make a direct donation through Waggle at https://wagglefoundation.org/donations/lil-bub-khalessi/.

Khaleesi is a blind cat that has fought and overcome several tough battles in the past few months. And just when we thought she was out of the woods, she got diagnosed with cancer. Her owner’s funds are depleted from previous medical issues and losing work during the pandemic, so she desperately needs help to cover the cost of chemo. It sounds like Khaleesi and her owner had a similar bond that I had with BUB, and that’s once of the reasons we’re getting her story out. And if you look carefully at her picture, you can see she’s resting on a BUB blanket!

Waggle.org is an amazing organization that carefully evaluates each campaign and administers the funds directly to the vet working with the pet. Funds raised in excess of the goal go towards other campaigns on the site. BUB (and you) have helped fund over $120,000 in vital lifesaving surgeries through Waggle in the past year. 

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