Success Stories: Phineas

Phineas is another cat who was given a second chance. Phineas’ health issues started in late January with profuse vomiting. He was treated for suspected pancreatitis and his vomiting eased for a time. Shortly after arriving back at the rescue he continued to act abnormally – listless, and not eating well. He was again taken for care and this time was admitted for supportive care. Phineas stayed for a few days and was again discharged, but as before, once he was back at the rescue, he still just wasn’t himself. Phineas would not eat and he was even more listless than before. He was quickly taken in again and it was discovered he would need surgery as his radiographs now showed a possible obstruction. During surgery, a foreign body was discovered and successfully removed. Phineas’ team never gave up on him and we’re so glad they didn’t. He will need more care as he continues to heal and extra love while he awaits his forever home. We’re so thankful to you, for being a part of Phineas’ success story. We are so happy to help Phineas have another chance at a long, happy and healthy life.

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