Babs is a six month old heeler mix. She was born in a shelter we work closely with to a very sweet momma and then raised in one of our foster homes with her nine siblings. Babs and two of her other siblings all began developing significant medical concerns at the same time, around six to eight weeks old.

Over about a month of treatments, they started to all have the same symptoms. They had ulcers in the mouth, growths that would rupture on their bodies, fevers, random lameness in different limbs, significant pain in various parts of their bodies. They all remained much smaller than their litter-mates over time. These three puppies saw numerous vets who performed numerous biopsies, overall checks, blood panels, etc. The three puppies were started on prednisone in mid September. Prednisone helped to keep symptoms mild but we still battled a lot of issues. As of late December 2022, two of the puppies had passed away.

Babs is the remaining pup and we are hopeful about receiving a diagnosis for this gal. She is about twenty-five pounds (half the size of her healthy siblings), has a zesty personality and is super smart. We suspect autoimmune disease to be at play and have her scheduled with a specialist who will be able to determine and help with ongoing care.

Babs is in a loving foster home which will likely become her forever home and she is beating the odds. With the proper care we’re hopeful she’ll live a happy and long life and we want to give her that chance.

Thank you for supporting this life-changing work. Babs is already so bonded with her foster family and we can’t wait to see this sweet girl thriving.


Stacy and the Lil BUB Family

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